Monday, November 12, 2007

Cute Smiles, Snow, and Upside Down Trucks

Yep, that says, "Emergency Assistance Illinois State Police 309-752-4911 CALL COLLECT.

I feel safe.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm biased about certain things. I mean, I know I'm biased about everything, but it seems to me that I can see the bias when I actually think about it and make an attempt to recognize it. I recognize quite a bit of bias in a lot of things I think. I just wonder how much bias there is that I don't recognize. Anyway... that is one cute kid!

And that is two cute kids!

This is what winter looks like. Remember winter? We're going to hope that this winter I keep my truck "Between the ditches, shiny side up and rubber side down." (Sorry about that, except for the usual foul language, I hardly ever break into Truck Driver Talk... but in some situations it just seems natural.)

You don't need winter weather to mess up. This was a big one. I was in stop and go traffic for two hours coming up to this. There were many vehicles involved that I didn't get pictures of, and lots and lots of skid marks. I didn't see much more than what's in the pictures, because I was concentrating on getting through there as fast as safely possible so the people behind me that had been waiting two hours could get where they needed to go as well. I just held up the camera and hoped I got some good shots. The reason the quality is so low is because to get pictures that look decent from shots you took without looking, you have to crop quite a bit away. ;-)

- Trevor
Denton, TX
(Here's a first - I had to open my GPS to find out where I am... didn't realize I didn't know until I went to type it!)

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