Sunday, February 17, 2008


I know that one of the most pressing problems in your life has been worry over whether The Next Thing has been updated and you've gone and missed it. I can't help you with your other little problems, but if you click on the link over to the right, that says "Subscribe to The Next Thing by email", I can make sure you never miss another post.

Well, as long as you don't change your email address.

And as long as you remember to check your email.

And as long as nothing goes wrong with any of the zillion (ok, 3) servers involved.

One email each day I post something new. If I don't post, no email. If I post a hundred new articles, 1 email. Enjoy.

- Trevor.
Richfield, UT


SeaSaw Mom said...

hey, this is cool. How do I add that to my blog? I know MySpace users can do that, too...
Thanks for the "I told you so"
It's a little easier coming from you! :)

SeaSaw Mom said...

ha ha! you got me. I came here to see if your feedburner had quit working because I didn't get a message that you'd posted again. Guess you're on as much as me nowadays, and feedburner actually might still work...I'll wait and see!