Monday, July 2, 2007


Kesia was born with a birthmark on her cheek that looked just like Mary Poppins. We used to call her "Poppins." Still do, occasionally. I suppose I should go find the picture of her with the birthmark and post it here.


I guess...

Hang on a sec...

Aha, here it is!

When this picture was taken, nobody had recognized Mary Poppins yet. You probably can't see it well without enlarging the picture (click on it). Oh, and you might have to turn your head to the right a little... well, ok, a lot. Just picture her with her umbrella and you should see it.

Here's Poppins eating a McDonald's French Fry at Disneyland. It just doesn't get any better than that! (circa December 2006)

Here are a couple of Austin being cute, and then one of him being a little nervous.


Ummm, Dad? I know it's just a rental, but are we really supposed to be in the Trunk?!?

The license plate is of interest because DJK are the initials of the three oldest girls, in order. Neat, huh?

- Trevor
Branch, MI

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