Friday, July 20, 2007

Still Going... The last of the catch-ups!

That's Danielle's foot, at a hotel in York, NE. I think it was sometime in summer 2006.
This is from a while ago. Like, Ummm... sometime before now.

This is very likely from May 22, 2006. Kesia holding Aubrey. Oh yeah, and that's me. I almost didn't make it home for the birth, but some things fell into place and I made it. It's a good thing, because Aubrey came kinda fast once she decided to come, and she got to our house 7 minutes before the midwives did. I think it was a little scary for Lisa, but it might have been scarier if I hadn't been there either. Danielle was a very big help, so it probably would have been ok, but I would have hated to have missed it.
Amber Elk Ranch, May, 2006.
The saddest picture. It's very hard to say goodbye so often. Danielle didn't say goodbye to me this time (because she came with me ;-) ).
Our family, at Evergreen Evangelical Covenant Church, July 14, 2007. Thank you Pastor Keith for taking this photo!
Austin didn't understand how a baby toy could be for anyone other than him... I mean, he was the only baby in the family, and I don't think he understood that there was about to be another one. He certainly wanted this rattle. :-)
Here's JJ in front of the TV in the driver's lounge at The International-Navistar Dealer in Springfield, MO. You should have seen her face when she went to change channels and couldn't find any *buttons*!
This reminds us to be careful.
One of the funniest things I've ever seen. If you can't see what's funny, try clicking to make it bigger.
Here's my Hotshot rig on top of a mountain in New Mexico, in May, 2007 (we don't even have snow in Northern Michigan in May!) That little bush in front of the truck? Not a bush, but the top of a very tall tree.

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