Saturday, October 20, 2007

Construction Speed-up

On October 11th, I went through a construction zone, and got through *faster* than I would have had there been no construction. It was surreal!

Here's how it worked:

They were working on a road near a four-way stop, and had it closed to one lane, so that traffic from each direction had to take turns. In order to keep it from getting crazy, they had a person directing traffic at the stop sign. I got to the construction at just the right time to get waved through the stop sign. There were about 4 cars right in front of me that all would have had to stop, and I would have had to wait my turn too, but since there was construction - I didn't even have to shift!

Of course, I spent more time writing this blog entry than I saved, so I guess it's a net loss. But nonetheless remarkable.

- Trevor.
Girard, OH.
Saturday, Oct. 20th.
(Happy Birthday, Katy!)

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