Saturday, October 27, 2007

Respect for Truck Drivers

Here's a little story to give you an idea of how much respect truck drivers have earned. You'll notice that this story is a touch out of date, since it's main point hovers on it being hot in a factory in Delaware.

There's a shipping office in a steel company in Delaware. It's around the back and kind of difficult to get to. Once you get there, and you go inside, you'll notice that it's air conditioned. Well, at least the part the office workers are in is air conditioned, not the part the drivers wait in.

There's a sliding window between the driver's hallway and the office itself. This allows a driver to see the clerk, and hand paperwork back and forth. Next to that window, on the wall, is a window unit air conditioner. With the back side facing the driver. Yes, that's right... the hot air from the office is pumped out... not outside, but into the area the drivers wait in!

- Trevor.
Branch, MI

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