Thursday, January 31, 2008


My computer recently developed a physical problem. Being bounced around in a truck will do that to a person - apparently computers, too :-). So, because I'm never home long enough to get it fixed somewhere, and I can't live without it for the time it takes to send it in, I bought a new one. I won't have to do that again because now I'll get the broken one fixed, and if/when I need to fix the new one I'll use that in the meantime.

Anyway, a couple of the programs I rely heavily on - Outlook and PlanPlus for Outlook, are not migrating well to the new computer. They work just fine on either one, but are being extremely stubborn about accepting my data. Last night I thought I had it working, so I rebooted and opened it again, just to check. Opening my 'Master Task List' took a very long time (around 10 minutes - I have hundreds of tasks I intend to get to someday)... and once it was done loading each task it proceeded to delete each task. Calmly and methodically, as I watched in horror.

It's been two full days of System Restore, resetting to factory settings, thinking things are working and downloading new email, then finding out it's not working so I have data all over the place, with no full copy anywhere, old system or new. It's some of the most frustrating work I've ever done, and when I finally get it all to work, I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I am in the same position I was in a couple weeks ago before my old computer broke, minus about two weeks wages. Nice.

But through this all has been a bright shining spot: Siber Systems RoboForm. I've re-installed it many times in the last few days, every time it has found its data if it's anywhere on the system, and if it wasn't on the system it has been easy to import. This program not only remembers all of my passwords, and information for filling out web forms, but will enter the password information into a login page with one click. It won't enter that information into a phishing site, and it keeps all of that data encrypted, only opening it with a master password of your choice.

I just re-installed it again, and even though I bought the program years ago for about $10, I go to the site's web site and enter my name and email address and they remember me... and happily activate my new installation without any hassles, complaints, or demands for more money. And this is not the old, clunky version I originally bought, this is their newest, sleekest, coolest version. Again, they did this for *no* extra money.

The program that I can't get to work yet, PlanPLus, charged me $50 for the priveledge of upgrading to a release with fewer features, because the one I purchased won't run on my new Vista OS. (more on Vista later, early returns are surprisingly good).

So even though I'm not yet calling up Siber Systems and trying to get them to take a little more money, I just wanted my friend(s) to know that there is one software company that knows how to take care of its customers. If you need any of the software they offer, go buy it now.

- Trevor.
Perrysburg, OH

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