Monday, January 14, 2008

Strange Things I've Seen While Driving, Part I

I used to have a job that got me to Chicago about five nights a week. One night after loading I was stopped at a red light on the service road, about to get back on the Dan Ryan and head to Holland, MI. I happened to glance down at the lane next to me, and I noticed something strange. It appeared that the second car in line was actually touching the car in front.

I looked closer.

Yep, they were definitely touching. Very odd.

The light turned green, and the cars took off - much faster than my truck could take off, of course. When the first car was a safe distance in front of me, its turn signal came on, and it changed lanes to the right, just like a good driver will when there's no reason to be in the left lane.

The car that had been touching the lead car pulled up even with him, veered left suddenly, then veered back right very suddenly, and SLAMMED into the other car. They both spun a little and came to a halt, nearly, but not completely, blocking the road.

I wasn't up to speed yet, so I stayed slow to see if I was going to have to stop or if I could make it past... when the door opened on the car that did the crashing.

A woman got out, went to the other car, opened the door, dragged a guy out of the driver's seat, and started beating the hell out of him.

True story.

- Trevor.
Denver, CO

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This is just too good!