Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fred Gibbons Theatrical Photography

Fred passed away almost a year ago. It's strange how much life has been the same, and how much it has been different.


Fred was a theatrical photographer. Here are some of his favorite photos, from his web site. Click for larger images.



It's also strange to think exactly how much influence Fred had on my life - I mean, I'll never know exactly how much, but just thinking of all the time spent at the theatre, all the things I know about photography, even so much of what I know about dealing with people (yeah, I mean it...).


I'm sad he's gone, but I'm glad he was here.


Thanks, Fred.

- Trevor.

Branch, MI



Scott Mellema said...

What became of his archives after he passed?

Trevor said...

I'm not sure there was such a thing. There is much data, but I'm not aware of anything resembling an archive. Certainly nothing that is easy to search. Well, there are some show shoots that I could find by name or probably by date. So I guess there is something resembling an archive. Passing resemblance, anyway.