Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Goodbye Fred

Fred Gibbons, My Stepfather

This man brought an entirely new outlook into my life.

He made my Mother happy.

He made the world bigger.

The trials of life are easier to take because I knew Fred.

He was famous for his gruffness, but because he was honest, no one would call him rude. It might have been hard to make him smile, but when he did, you knew he meant it.

I have wondered for two weeks why it was so hard to understand that Fred is gone. Now I understand that Fred will never be gone, because his uniqueness is branded into everyone who knew him.

I'll miss you Fred, and I'll always be a better person because I knew you.

- Trev.

On Monday, November 26th, at Owasco Reformed Church in Owasco, NY, friends and family gathered for a Memorial Service for Fred. Fred's Stepdaughter, and my sister, Katy, sang Amazing Grace from the balcony. Just her voice, it was the most powerful music I've ever heard. Ever.

There were many people in attendance, I didn't think to count. I'm sure at least a dozen people stood to speak of Fred, his life, his exploits, and the people he touched.

To end the service, we stood and sang "Joy to the World." Well, most people did. Every time I tried to add my voice I got choked up, so mostly I just stood there and felt the moment.

Fred only got 66 years, but he lived every minute. And enjoyed most of them :-).

And Heaven and Nature Sing.

- Trevor.
Barstow, CA

Springfield, MO

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