Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shorts and Sandals

I wear shorts and sandals almost all of the time, even in winter. I prefer them whenever it's warm, and even in the winter I spend nearly all of my time in a warm environment. When I have to work outside, or be outside for any length of time, I put on warmer clothes. But I don't change just to run into a truck stop.

Last year about this time, I stopped at the T/A truckstop in Fort Bridger, WY because it looked like the weather was going to get very bad very fast, and I thought I should find out what I was going to be driving into before I did it. Turns out it was a very fortunate decision because about a half-hour later they closed the road due to a severe crash, and it was closed for a long time, like half a day or more. Because I stopped when I did, I didn't have to spend that time in my truck on the side of the road, with no facilities. Instead, I was able to spend it parked near a restaurant and bathroom! Yeah!

There was no snow when I pulled into the truck stop, but by the time I got parked and was ready to go inside, there were a couple inches on the ground (it was snowing pretty hard). But I was parked fairly close to the building, and I didn't see any reason to change for a quick walk. When I got near the door a driver going in held the door for me and waited. As I passed by I said, "Thank you."

He replied, "You're welcome. The way you're dressed I wasn't sure if you'd know how to work a door"

- Trevor.
Branch, MI


SeaSaw Mom said...

Because there aren't any doors in Florida?!
Why do you find all the funny people? I want some in my life, too!

Trevor said...

No problem... just walk around being funny, funny looking, and just a little stupid, and they'll find you. :-)