Monday, April 7, 2008

License Plates

I know the pictures don't show these plates very well, but I did the best I could while staying safe.

This plate is PECK. Really.







This license plate was: ILIAD.

I thought, "Hmm... Must be an English teacher or something." Then I thought, "Hey, that plate would be funny on a Honda Odyssey," I looked back over, and Bingo! That's what that is!

That's a nice plate.


This plate is: WHLSUP

I was thinking: That's not right, you don't want your wheels up while driving, you're supposed to keep them down. Hmm... maybe the guy's a pilot.

So I looked back, and again - it's a Honda Pilot! Honda has too many funny license plate cars.


- Trevor.


Rawlins, WY

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