Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Old Business

Egyptian Hay Forklifts on My Flatbed


I told Austin about these forklifts when I picked them up, and had Mama look up a picture of one online by using the model number. I don't think I ever showed him this picture of the three of them actually on my truck, so I hope he checks the blog.
Below are some pictures of that trip from Salt Lake City to Houston, from the day after I loaded the forklifts. Sorry I don't have any pictures from when it got really bad out there - I was kinda busy keeping it 'Shiny Side Up and Rubber Side Down'

P1050013 P1050014 P1050016 P1050017 P1050019 P1050018 P1050020

I know you can't see it very well (if you want to, try clicking on the image for a bigger image), but there's a semi-truck that slid off the road in the fifth picture. I couldn't help him because to get out of the way of traffic behind me I would have gotten stuck too, but I asked him on the radio if he needed help, and when he asked me to send a him a tow I called 911 (didn't have a phone book handy) and they were very helpful. Hopefully they followed through (I bet they did.)


As a truck driver, we're often forced to make choices between two bad options, like when we're not supposed to be driving because we've used up our log hours but there's no place to legally park. Stop or go, either way you're breaking the law. They're not usually as blatant about it as at this particular intersection (I think it was in Cleveland, but I could be way off). If you look closely in the upper left hand corner you'll see a red light, which as a traffic control device means 'stop'. If you look closely at the right side, you'll see a sign that says "NO STOPPING ANY TIME". I chose to stop anyway.

- Trevor


Rawlins, WY. Quality Inn, Room 165. Truck Broken.

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Sean wants to the 2nd picture (top right), is that a "Car...on a Schteek"? :)