Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things Kesia Said

Kesia came with me in the truck for a while last summer. She said a couple of funny things, and I thought I'd tell you about them.

One day I was teaching her about the meaning of the lines on the road. Specifically I was pointing out to her that if the yellow line is solid in the lane you're in, that's a no passing zone, and you can't cross over to the other lane. We started down a mountain grade a short time later, and I pulled out to pass a slow truck (he was heavy, I was light). Traffic coming the other way was not allowed to pass, so the line was solid yellow on their side. When we got fully into that lane, Kesia, said, "Oh No! Now we can't go back over there!"

I guess I should try to be a little more clear. ;-)


Later in the same day, we stopped for fuel. We were "Running With" another truck, and when I pulled away from the fuel island they (a father/son team) were not yet ready to go, so I stopped along the exit drive out of the way of other trucks. As I came to a stop we passed a "No Parking" sign, and Kesia just had time to read the "No." So she asked, "What did that sign say 'No' about?" When I told her that it said 'no parking', she said, "Dad, you're breaking the law!"

I asked her if she thought I'd get arrested, and she thought for a minute before replying, "No, I guess no one will be able to see the sign until you move."


- Trevor


Laramie, WY

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