Saturday, March 8, 2008

Danielle Likes Microphones

A long time ago, I learned that it was possible to record sound in digital format by hooking a microphone to a computer. I thought it would be nice to have some recordings of my children to listen to later. Boy was I wrong!

Click on the video below to see what I mean:


Thanks, Danielle, it was a wonderful and beautiful song, and I think Brian Regan stole this song to make his bit about the businessmen who make too big of a deal about their computers when flying. He probably wasn't even funny until he heard this song, and now he's the funniest man in the world (probably, I haven't met everyone), and the 'Best Christmas Present Ever'. How he heard the recording, which until now existed only on my computer and some old backup discs, is a mystery to which we may never find an answer.


- Trevor.

Springfield, MO



SeaSaw Mom said...

This is great!!!...
But it reminds me. Weds night (when I was supposed to be at your house - oops), I had dinner with Dad and he brought his iPod shuffle and he was playing songs for me. He gave me the headphones for "We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun" and so I immediately, knee-jerk reaction, starting yelling (sorry this won't be as good written, but...) "Goo-BYE! Goo-BYE!!"
So yeah, even though the lyrics could use a little help, it's worth the effort to have this adorable recording. Perhaps someday JJ will start singing it to her for no reason...

Trevor said...

Yeah, well... this is not the last of the children's recordings that will be posted here. I have lots more. I listen to them, I enjoy them, I keep making more of them, and now, I've started to share them as well. :-)