Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Post Leads to Another

While writing the FeedBurner post (to follow soon, I promise), I spelled FeedBurner correctly in the title, but forgot to capitalize the 'B' in the first line. The Windows Live Writer spell check caught both words, because 'FeedBurner' was a new word to it (my previous post about FeedBurner had been composed directly at Blogger). Unfortunately, I clicked on the misspelled word and clicked 'Add to Dictionary'. This set me on a quest that took almost an hour. I finally found a blog post that gave me the answer I needed: Changing Windows Live Writer Dictionaries at Grand Stream Dreams.

The Windows Live Writer dictionary files are stored in: C:\program files\windows live writer\dictionaries which makes perfect sense. However, the user customized dictionary file(s) is stored elsewhere. It's actually stored in a decent location, just not one that I guessed!

Once you know to look here: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Windows Live Writer\Dictionaries\userdic.tlx fixing your dictionary is as easy as running a text editor.

On my Vista system, I just right click on the file and click "FastEdit." You probably can't do that on your system unless you download this wonderful little (3 kb) app by Nicola Viganò, called, of all things, Fast Edit. It's worked beautifully for me since Windows 95, through 98 and XP, and now on Vista. You just right click on any file, and FastEdit will be an option. Click it and it simply opens the file in Notepad. Depending on the file you selected you won't always be able to read the data, but you'll see it represented on your screen. :-)

- Trevor.

Springfield, MO


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