Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peace Now!

Recently I saw the words "Peace Now!" spray painted on an overpass near Springfield, MO. While I agree with this sentiment completely, I also had to wonder at the abilities of this anonymous genius wordsmith: in just two words, this artist's views on both war and vandalism were made crystal clear.


In contrast, it took me seventy-six words (counting 'West Memphis' as one, both times) just to tell you about it.


- Trevor.


West Memphis, AR


P.S. I would have said something about trombones leading a parade, but it wouldn't have made sense if I had to count those words. The postscript doesn't count because it didn't mention "Peace Now!"

P.P.S. I heard a great quote today, unfortunately can't remember who it was attributed to. From a Gresham College lecture by Michael Mainelli, it was: "I don't forecast, and I never will."


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