Friday, June 15, 2007

The Big Texan - Revisited

SeaSaw Mom said...
ok, just a couple things...
1) well, at least you were near the bathroom when you had that experience
2)what's with the limo?
3)please tell me you shared the cake with Kesia...and a few hungry cowboys
4)sorry, what are the spoiler pics?

June 15, 2007 5:22 PM

1) Yes, well, if only I'd brought a spare pair.

2) I didn't explain the limo?!? The limo is available on CB channel 32. It's free! From RV parks, hotels, and truck stops in or near Amarillo. They also have a phone number, which I had to look up and call because my wimpy little CB radio couldn't raise them from the Flying J. Oh, and if you're not with a little girl who would very much enjoy the limo ride, they also feature plenty of truck parking.

3) Yes, I shared it with her, and between the two of us we ate about half of the piece. The waitress talked us into bringing what was left in the truck with us "for later," so we threw it away after about a week or so. Oh, and the way we got the cake is mildly interesting as well. With the children's meal ($6.95), is included your choice of ice cream or a cowboy hat ($2.99 each in the gift shop). Kesia really wanted both, so I said let's get the hat, and then maybe, like, a piece of cake. I didn't know that the cake ($7.99) was going to cost more than two of the hats!

SPOILER WARNING: stop reading if you're going to the Big Texan and like surprises.

4) The spoiler pics are the ones of the photographs. The scary parts only show up from certain angles, so they just look like regular old photos... until they scare the pants off you. Which they won't do now, because you didn't skip that post. :-)
Oh, and while there is a more popular ladies room farther down the hall that doesn't take you past the pictures, there's also a ladies room down the hall with the pictures, by the only men's room. So don't feel like the pictures are only for the men. :-)

- Trevor.
Joplin, MO.


SeaSaw Mom said...

thanks for clearing all that up for me. I thought those might be the spoiler pics, but didn't want to assume.
However, I am still concerned about you. You're a trucker, right? Meaning, like, you have a sort of house on wheels (I was going to call it a semi-house for the double-entendre effect), and YOU DIDN'T HAVE A SPARE PAIR?!?
Hopefully, you just meant no spare pair in the limo...because if you don't have a spare pair, I'm sure I can work something for you at the nearest Wal-Mart!

Trevor said...

Ok, score another point for you :-). I was going to post a picture of all my spare pairs, but it looks like I can't post a picture in a comment. I have some spare pairs, but it's true that there are days when I would have to visit the laundry before I had one I'd want to change into. Then again, I guess that depends on what I'm changing out of!