Friday, June 22, 2007

Week in Review

Last Friday found Danielle and I starting out in Amarillo, TX. From there we took a load of copper (3 pieces, 45,000 pounds - those were big pieces of copper!) to a town near Pittsburgh, PA. We then picked up some big hunks of steel and took them to Eagle Pass, TX and Laredo, TX. From there to Houston, TX to pick up some stainless steel that we plan to deliver Monday morning in Savannah, GA. We're stopped for the night in Gulfport, MS at the Flying J. (You'll find a lot of my posts happen in towns that have Flying J truck stops - that's because I get my wifi Internet access from the Flying J's.)

So from that Friday to this we crossed 18 state lines, traveled in 10 states, passed through two "May-I-See-Your-Papers, Please" border patrol checkpoints, traveled about 4050 miles and spent most of one day at the shop getting the truck worked on. It's a good thing Danielle does most of the driving or I would be pretty tired by now!

I didn't take very many pictures this week (although the Big Texan was just 8 days ago, and I took quite a few there), but here are a couple that might be mildly interesting.

This is just a picture I couldn't resist taking that shows how clean and polite some people are on the road. Apparently a truck driver decided he didn't want his sandwich and threw it out the window. The picture clearly shows that the driver was less than ten feet from a trash can. And yes, as careful as I was, I stepped in it while fueling. I suppose it's possible that the sandwich was dropped accidentally - but even so... why not pick it up and put it in the trash can? I attempted to do so, but didn't have the right tools to pick it up once it was smashed.

I'm not at all sure what this is about. There are about four of these on US 69 in Oklahoma just south of the Oklahoma turnpike. They've been there for quite a while. If anyone knows the story, I'd love to hear it (even if you have to make it up first...).

- Trevor.
Gulfport, MS.

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SeaSaw Mom said...

just a thought (about the sandwich, not the speed trap)...
Perhaps the guy put the sandwich on his step and forgot it when he drove off, so it just HAPPENED to fall right there. Of course, that's probably not the way things happened, but if you step in some watermelon in Holland, it would be a likely explanation. Ask me about it sometime. :)