Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, JJ!

I loved you then and I love you now,
But wearing my underwear I will no more allow!

On your special day, although I'm away,
My thoughts are with you, and all my love too.

Of embarrasing photos many more did I find,
Too bad tonight I've run out of time.

I guess for this year they'll have to be shelved -
But next year, same day, don't forget - you'll turn twelve!

All my love,
- Dad e.
Gulfport, MS


Jadzia said...

Thanx dad, I just love ppl seeing pics. of me in your underwear :)

p.s. if you know me you'll know that was sarcastic

Trevor said...

@Jadzia: And if you know her a little better, you'll know that she actually kinda does like it. :-)

Trevor said...

Happy 13th, J. I know I haven't had time the last couple of years, but don't worry - I will get around to getting some more embarassing pictures posted.