Saturday, June 23, 2007

One More to Dip Your Fries In

I think Austin might want that Apple, Kesia. Just a guess.

Ok, Mine are in the middle. Maybe I shouldn't tell you what they're laughing at... well, ok, I guess I will. We carry FRS radios for safety and convenience when "out in public". Danielle and JJ each had one, and so did I. When the kids realized the radios wouldn't fit in the Frog Hopper with them, the ride operator kindly held them during the ride. When he took them, in the spirit of having fun, he put one up to each ear, and I couldn't resist, so I said, "Don't put that there!"

And that's kinda what makes this picture, from a few minutes later, a little funny:

Sorry, Dude.

Here's 'The Next Thing' When we still had high hopes for it. The main idea of using this truck was to be by that little guy on the right more often. I'm still glad I tried. Not sure I tried the right way, but glad anyway.

Yep - this was thrown there. Good shot, Bug!

Ok, you wouldn't think this plaque would be interesting. But when you're giving an award for precision service, don't you think you might want to spell the name of the city correctly?!? Apparently not for this store in Fernley, NV.

- Trevor.
Gulfport, MS

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